I. Document Securitization

ZGP has introduced a new business unit specifically for providing Security Printing Solutions to Government Institutions, Private companies and Financial Institutions. Our reputable service record and expertise allow us to provide you with printing jobs that meet your specific security printing requirements.
The measures we take in security printing services are non-negotiable, your organization can be assured with an offer of advanced fraud deterring technology and a secure production environment. The technology invested can produce two major levels of security features which include:

This level consists of elements that can be easily verified with naked eye under natural light, the features offered include:

  • Watermarks
  • Hologram
  • Barcoding
  • Serial numbers
  • Guilloche
  • Thermo-chromatic Ink
  • Special paper

These features are made up of hidden elements which can only be verified by elementary tools such as Ultra Violet Lights, the features offered include:

  • Ultra violet Ink
  • Microtext

II. Rubberstamps production

ZGP invested a laser technology to produce high security rubberstamps which are largely used in Government and Private Organizations. Our product includes Self-inking stamps, they can conveniently make a comprehensive number of repetitive impressions without re-inking and guarantees non-fading impressions. Self-inking stamps can be used for private-business and official endorsements. Our technology guarantees an ever-lasting product satisfaction