ZGP is a Government agency with the sole authorization to print all government jobs. However, the agency is also mandated by law to serve the private sector and whoever in need of the printing services. At ZGP, we offer an opportunity to customize and personalize the jobs of the clients according to their requirements and specifications. ZGP’s factory boasts capability in both offset and digital presses, the factory is also equipped with the latest technology in pre-press, post press and security printing technologies. Therefore, ZGP is capable of producing high quality and multicolored print-outs, on demand jobs and all-in-one print finishing units which can sheet, fold, crease, number and perforate. With the comprehensive technology in hand, ZGP is able to meet your requirements from the smallest to the largest quantity in all printing aspects including:

ZGP has introduced a new business unit specifically for providing Security Printing Solutions to Government Institutions, Private companies and Financial Institutions. Our reputable service record and expertise allow us to provide you with printing jobs that meet your specific security printing requirements……….read more

Despite technological advancement, successful business organizations around the world still need professional stationery for running a business. These stationeries provide the entity’s crucial business information including nature of business, business location and means of communication……… more

ZGP design cost-effective documents to streamline your company daily operations while ensuring your image is well maintained. Forms are essential in running an organization or business to facilitate efficient, timely and accurate management reporting. Forms are used to control operations and evaluating performances by combining information, recording of activities and reporting results……… more

A prestigious look on an organization’s products provides an entity with a unique advantage. ZGP marketing and promotional items provide consumers with information they need for buying decisions. Our products will help your business to be successful as they are the elements to inform, motivate and move the audience to action……… more

ZGP’s range of educational materials offers a solid foundation for successful education. With a comprehensive growth of educational system and infrastructures, our in-depth experience and knowledge in production of printed education products provide needed products to run educational routines and examinations successfully, with much focus on efficiency and security……… more

Under the Act no 12 of 2018, ZGP is lawfully a host custodian of Gazettes and Government Publications including official gazettes, bills, acts, regulations and legal notices.
The Gazette and Publications unit has an experience of over 100 years of operation which has added advantage to our product quality guarantee and accountability of the contents. This unit compiles, edits and typesets the publications before printing and disseminating them in hard copy and publishing them electronically – some weekly, and others on demand…………read more

Apart from being the sole Printer of the State Newspaper “Zanzibar Leo”, we also provide newsprint services to private media across the Region. The services offered ensure quality guarantee, timely delivery and 24/7 service availability…………read more