i. History

Zanzibar is a pioneer in Printing Press industry in East Africa as the printing press services started in 1875 when the Zanzibar Government Printing Press was established. It was located besides The House of Wonders, and its core functions were to print Sultan Decrees, Government Contract Documents, Official Gazettes, Sultan Announcements and other documents related to Sultan Court. By 1954, the printing press moved to Saateni area where the printing house was famously known as “Magazeti”.
After the Zanzibar Revolution of 1964, the First President of Zanzibar and Chairman of Revolutionary Council, the Late Sheikh Abeid Amani Karume declared the Printing Press to be a state owned Corporation under the Public Enterprise Decree of 1966 and that Presidential Declaration was officially gazetted by Legal Notice No. 33 of 1967. On 1stJuly, 1967, the new Government Printing Press started its operations under by then the Ministry of Education and Culture.
The main function of the Corporation was to print all government documents and periodic, including Official Gazette. With the establishment of the House of Representatives in 1980, the Zanzibar Government Printing Press was mandated to print Hansards from the House. Since, there was no other printing press in Zanzibar, the Zanzibar Government Printing Press was also authorised to provide printing services to private sectors.
In 2010, the Government Printing Press operated under the Office of The Second Vice President’s Office and has relocate its operations from Saateni premises to new premises at Maruhubi in 2013.
The Printing Press has changed its name to Zanzibar Government Printing Press Agency (ZGP) (under the Legal Notice No. 54 of 2016). Its mandates continued to be publisher of all official documents including Bills of Law, Acts, Budget Speeches, Official gazettes, and provide other printing services and publications such as graphic designing, printing and full binding for Government. It’s also do works for private sectors.
However, by moving to new premises the Government Printing Press has addressed decade long challenges including unfavourable working environment; obsolete machines;and losses incurred due to recurring floods at Saateni. The Government remedied the situation by modernizing the Government Printing Press services at Maruhubi in 2013 and 2016 with new offset and digital printing machines..

ii. Act & regulation


A. Organisation structure

Under maintenance

B. Board Members

a.      Chairman-Pereira Ame Silima -2016- Present

b.      Vice Chairman-Abdulrahman Mwinyi Jumbe-2016- Present

c.       Members

                                                        i.    Mzee Ali Haji

                                                      ii.   Fatma A. Khatib

                                                   iii.   Mwanahija Almas Ali

                              iv.   Ahmada Yahya Abdulwakil

                               v.   Khalfan S. Saleh

C. Management

Executive Director

Manager for Planning and Administration

Manager for Factory Operations

Manager for Public Relations, Marketing and Central Store of Stationery and Office Equipment

Manager Pemba Branch

Head of Accounts

Head of Procurement

Head of Internal Audit

Legal Advisor


Under Maintainance


According to the Act no.12 of 2018, ZAGPA has two (2) main functions which are:

  1. To provide printing services by:
    1. Printing and publishing official gazettes, bills, legislations, regulations, legal notice and other documents;
    2. Producing publications;
    3. Operating, managing, controlling, maintaining and developing Government Printing Industry;
    4. Providing affordable, efficient and improved standards of printing services to the public;
    5. Disseminating unclassified Government printed materials for public consumption through Government bookshops in and outside Zanzibar;
    6. Advising the Government on issues pertaining to technological changes in printing industry; and
    7. Keeping and maintaining records of all documents printed at the Agency.
  2. To provide services for stationeries and office equipment by:
    1. Selling stationeries and office equipment for the public and private institutions;
    2. Conducting need assessment of stationaries and office equipment;
    3. Conducting evaluation of stationaries and office equipment uses for all public institutions; and
    4. Strengthening partnership with any institution or company in and outside Zanzibar which produces or manufactures stationaries and equipment.